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Beast of all saints

It’s time for a new patron saint of Scotland, a fearless champion who could see off the doomsters and austerity bullies. Ron Ferguson knows the very man

Photo by Stewart Bremner

Leaving the Castle

How would you feel on the first morning of an independent Scotland? Playwright David Greig responds.

The fire down below

Marcel Duchamp’s L.H.O.O.Q. is the greatest work of 20th century art, writes Peter Burnett

Photo by David Gallagher

Valentine’s day is over

Is love past its sell-by date? Hannah McGill (part one) thinks she’s better off without it, while Tom McLean (part two) skips through a buttercup meadow hand in hand wi’ his gie bonnie lass.

Hitting the target and missing the point

Under 7s learn best and enjoy better life chances when they’re free to play, writes Sue Palmer

Vinyl for food banks

Vinyl for food banks

Your old records gathering dust could help those most in need

Testing times

Against international evidence about its negative effect, the Scottish government has introduced testing throughout the education system, beginning at Primary 1. Sue Palmer sets ministers their own test

Those to whom evil is done

Chris Harvie on warnings from history and the shitstorm to come

Draw you in

Graham Domke previews the new Rob Churm show at Glasgow’s CCA

The Daily Hate

Sibylla Kalid discusses ethics with the founder of a campaign to discourage corporations advertising in tabloids which pedal racial prejudice

America cuts its throat

Lisa Locascio wakes up to the full, painful horror of the Trump ascendancy

Shrink the state

Neil Cooper finds Jimmy Cauty’s  miniaturist celebration of dissent strikingly apposite

Chimes of freedom

Glasgow hosts a hard-hitting multi- discipline arts project examining issues of state power and violence this weekend, writes Neil Cooper

Scotland The Fat

A casualised economy, sold-off sports fields and an over- reliance on cars has produced an obesity epidemic. Chris Harvie on how we might shed some lard

Illustration: stewart bremner

Right next time

To achieve the democratic control which lies at the heart of demands for independence,  we must develop a credible currency plan – and soon,  writes Robin McAlpine

Taste and expectation

Amelia Bayler on things we need to think about when we think about food

The chips and the fury

Anger over The Glasgow Effect opens up a raft of issues for modern Scotland, writes Neil Cooper

One of us

Who will benefit from The Glasgow Effect? asks Lilly Markaki

Ian Bell

An appreciation of a unique and inspirational writer, by Patrick Small

Back to Black

Lucy Parker’s moving exhibition chronicles the experience of blacklisted construction workers, writes Neil Cooper

Louder than bombs

A new campaign to persuade the Scottish parliament to stop investing in arms is launched today, writes Kat Hobbs

Valley of the malls

A small sales outlet in Leith could challenge the power of Big Retail, writes Peter Burnett

Product Talks

Product is organising a series of events with some of Scotland’s finest speakers, writers and artists, which will be available to listen to online. The first of these featured Robin McAlpine  

Product Events

This summer, Product will be hosting a series of events with some of Scotland’s finest speakers, writers, film makers and artists. The first one is held next Tuesday in Edinburgh.

don mclean american pie

The day the music died

A manuscript of original lyrics to Don McLean’s epic American Pie was recently auctioned in New York. Simon Warner explores the backdrop to the song’s conception and the hidden meanings behind its much-coveted words

Carbon no more

It’s time to stop indulging Big Oil and shift to a clean energy economy, writes Patrick Harvie

Dinner with my No voting friends

For years, Scots reacted to right wing Westminster policies by saying: “I didn’t vote for that.” If they win on Thursday, No voters won’t have that luxury, writes Peter Arnott.

We need to talk about leadership

Laura Eaton Lewis on how to overcome subtle, recurrent gender bias

Democracy in the Dark

Have pro-independence arguments been marginalised in the run-up to the referendum?
Iain MacWhirter examines charges of media bias – and why more editorial and
political diversity is needed.

The Observer - The Forgotten Prisoners

I see my light come shining

Siobhan Reardon on 50 years of Amnesty International