46393_448562761869819_12372039_nProduct operates as a co-operative with charitable status. Writers, designers and editors contribute time freely because we believe the magazine is an important showcase for new work, an essential outlet for creative expression and opinions which often challenge mainstream narratives. We’re looking for switched-on, inventive people of all backgrounds to take Product forward. At the moment we especially need people with a passionate knowledge of film and/or books, and innovative ideas on how to present these to our readers. Most volunteers have used the experience of working on the magazine to develop skills in writing, editing, commissioning or curating which then helped secure creative sector jobs. Others simply saw giving time to an indy magazine as an opportunity to indulge their love of music, poetry, art, new writing or ideas. If you’d like to work with us, or discuss possibilities, send us a CV and a few lines on the subjects you’re most passionate about. The new year’s a great time to try new projects, and everyone’s welcome.

Laura Tranger
contact [at] productmagazine [dot] co [dot] uk

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