The glamour chase:

Sifting through a new history of the Hollywood blacklists Kenneth Wright recalls a time of violence and treachery with unintended lessons for today’s film makers

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The Tryst:

By Hannah Sutherland

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2020 Vision:

Send us your pictures which capture the essence of the last 12 months

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Most read this week:


A poem by Anna Viceconti

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Onion Rings:

By Ben Mitchell

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How to make friends:

A poem by Maxine Rose Munro

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Green E142:

This short story by April L Ford was inspired by Hazel Gore’s painting ‘Living Alone in Paradise’. It comes with a trigger warning for rape and sexual assault.

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Keep On Keepin’ On:

Thirty years on from the miners’ strike, photographer James Parker documents Yorkshire’s last remaining coal mines

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Speed of life:

Alistair Braidwood is charmed by a book of recollections from Bowie fans and collaborators

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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First Love:

The movies of his childhood gave actor Jamie Robson an enduring passion for film

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Product Talks:

Product is organising a series of events with some of Scotland’s finest speakers, writers and artists, which will be available to listen to online. The first of these featured Robin McAlpine  

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@Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh.
December 2nd. By Neil Cooper

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New Writing
The Old Man:

A new short story by Nino Ennu

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Allen Ginsberg:

By Stuart A. Paterson

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