Riccardo Casadei:

I am constantly looking for that decisive moment.

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Hope and despair:

The highly lauded Nell Zink is one of many US writers considering the challenges of activism today, but her work lacks one vital element, writes Sibylla Kalid

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The light pours out of me:

Douglas Morland pays tribute to the GSA Mackintosh building

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World book trip:

Which novel would you recommend to someone who had never read a word written in your country? The first stop on our tour is Scotland, where Alan Warner highlights James Kelman’s astonishing Kieron Smith, boy

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are you doing all you can
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Little Big Stuff:

Chris Dooks has created a hypnotic fusion of sonic art and photography

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Every mouth needs filling:

Lilly Markaki on why Hilton Als’s White Girls still matters

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Coastal Aerial View by Alison McGill, Oil and wax on board
The pipeline:

A short story by Frank Rennie, inspired by Alison McGill’s painting ‘Coastal Aerial View’.

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Flowers in the dustbin:

Robert Gallacher enjoys Andrea Arnold’s touching road movie about millenials at the bottom of the pile

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We need to talk about leadership:

Laura Eaton Lewis on how to overcome subtle, recurrent gender bias

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Top Ten Club:

Chris Fast picks his favourite post punk singles

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New Fiction
The Lost Squadron:

A short story by D.B. MacInnes

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A poem by Cara L McKee

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