By Hubbiah Rafaqat

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Grey sand:

By Edina Kikic

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Fish out of water:

By Amaia Claire Martinez

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Let all the flowers bloom:

Kirsti Wishart on why the platform Product provides for new writers matters, and how you can help

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Most read this week:

How I write:

By Jean Findlay

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Tea and smoke:

By Regine Ebner

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Keep on dancing:

A new poem by Charlie Roy

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The Necessary Lie:

A short story by Taryn McDonnell

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The Energy Project:

Elena Kollatou explores the social and environmental impact of large scale coal mining across Europe.

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Sister of mine:

Kirstin Innes discusses Fishnet, its follow-up and the art of writing with Naomi Richards

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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jamie robson actor
All around the world:

With three films out this year, exile-turned-actor Jamie Robson is on the brink of a big screen breakthrough

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Photo by Stewart Bremner
Leaving the Castle:

How would you feel on the first morning of an independent Scotland? Playwright David Greig responds.

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Rip it up:

Scotland has a richly diverse and inventive musical history from Lonnie Donegan to Young Fathers. Test your Scottish pop knowledge in our quiz

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New Writing
Sending love to the universe:

By Luca Serra

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The Sheets:

A poem by Cara L McKee

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