This land is your land:

Photographer Keith Brame journeys across the Scottish Highlands and Islands documenting the stark beauty of the landscape and its inhabitants

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We rule the school:

Ben Mitchell on why normality is under threat, and all deviance must be crushed

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When Battling Rival Poets:

A short story by Peter Burnett

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Every mouth needs filling:

Lilly Markaki on why Hilton Als’s White Girls still matters

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are you doing all you can
Support Us:

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Most read this week:

The Sheets:

A poem by Cara L McKee

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Once in a lifetime:

Patrick Small asks if  Scotland can capitalise on Andy Murray’s Wimbledon triumph to improve the country’s increasingly poor health

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The Carry Out:

A short story by Carolyn Roberts

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Altered image:

Sceptical of the form, Sara Lally is won over by three of 2018’s most intriguing graphic novels


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Tales of the Hidden People:

Photographer Christina Kernohan travelled to Mongolia and discovered a land of wild beauty and stark contrasts

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Ugly and Proud of It:

The rise of tartan noir was a key part of Glasgow’s cultural revival. But Scottish crime writing betrays a fatal smugness, says Kenneth Wright

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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The care taker:

Robert Gallacher on the beauty of Audiard’s timely human drama

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bairn boxes
New life:

Sturgeon’s baby boxes will enliven the case for independence, writes Sarah Busby

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Denise Johnson:

Ahead of two Scottish dates, velvet-voiced soul singer Denise Johnson talks to Neil Coooper about her new album of acoustic covers of Manchester bands

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New Writing
Wurl o’ Seamus:

A story by Shane Johnstone

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A poem by Fiona Ritchie Walker

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