Jannica Honey:

A selection of work by photographer Jannica Honey

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Velvet Engine:

By Heather Pearson

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Wanda Vision:

Stephanie Provan on Disney’s classy subversion of the sitcom

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Most read this week:

Time and the gang of apples:

By Anna Weltner

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Let all the children boogie:

Neil Cooper tries to work out what Bowie meant to him

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Star Man:

Lisa Locascio salutes the artist who enraptured and empowered her

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The great Brexit heist:

Following an uncompromisingly hard Brexit, all the new limitations and sources of friction in Britain’s economic, political, and human interactions with the EU will only now kick in, writes Nick Witney 

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Falling shadows:

Artist Philip Braham discusses his photographic series which recalls an old master and looks at where photography as a medium is heading

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Books of 2019:

Petra Reid on a radical ’60s classic still relevant today

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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Illustration by David McCue
Pretty green:

Director Anthony Baxter on the unexpected global appeal of You’ve Been Trumped

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Every thing must go:

Commissioning Trident amidst austerity cuts to social provision is lunacy, writes John Ainslie

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Power couple:

Neil Cooper on two fine new releases shot through with inventive exuberance

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New Writing
The Divers:

A short story by Katya Apekina

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Thanks Leonard:

A poem by Laura Escuela

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