Pond master:

Audio version of a new short story by Lisa Jones

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Word up:

The Broken Pane, Charlie Roy’s harrowing but uplifting debut examines loss, tragedy and our relationship with the past. Here she discusses creative process and how she grew from wistful scribbler to published author

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How to make friends:

A poem by Maxine Rose Munro

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are you doing all you can
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Most read this week:


A poem by Ben Mitchell

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Time and the gang of apples:

By Anna Weltner

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Onion Rings:

By Ben Mitchell

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The Necessary Lie:

A short story by Taryn McDonnell

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Keith Brame
This land is your land:

Photographer Keith Brame journeys across the Scottish Highlands and Islands documenting the stark beauty of the landscape and its inhabitants

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Orbitor, Cartarescu
World Book Trip:

If you could only recommend one novel from your country, which would it be? Ana Iliescu salutes Mircea Cartarescu’s Orbitor, a triumph of Romanian literature

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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In and out of love:

Greta Gerwig and Julianne Moore excel in this stylish New York comedy, writes Robert Gallacher

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Live review:

Had We Never. Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh. August 17th. By Neil Cooper

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Edwyn Collins
Simply thrilled honey:

From “Falling and Laughing” to “Dilemma” Alistair Braidwood delights in the music of Edwyn Collins

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New Writing
Photo by Stewart Bremner
The black bough:

A short story of lust and longing in the Old Town, by Lisa Locascio

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A poem by Anna Viceconti

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