The glamour chase:

Sifting through a new history of the Hollywood blacklists Kenneth Wright recalls a time of violence and treachery with unintended lessons for today’s film makers

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Allen Ginsberg:

By Stuart A. Paterson

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Take 5:

Paul Research on his most loved records. By Hugo Fluendy

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are you doing all you can
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Most read this week:

The Tale of the Crail Crab, Tae a Fisherman He Speak Wi:

A new poem by Lauren Clarke

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How I write:

By Jean Findlay

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Take 5:

Robert Anderson chooses his favourite songs. By Hugo Fluendy

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Taming the the Selfish Giant:

It’s time to protect books and those who create them, writes Jean Findlay

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Jola Sopek
I Sing The Body Electric:

Jola Sopek’s intimate portraits of everyday life elevate the banal into something beautiful and infinite

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ugly and proud
Ugly and Proud of It:

The rise of tartan noir was a key part of Glasgow’s cultural revival. But Scottish crime writing betrays a fatal smugness, says Kenneth Wright

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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Wanda vision:

As Disney’s madcap subversion of the sitcom reaches its finale, Stephanie Provan salutes an all consuming epic

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Once in a lifetime:

Patrick Small asks if  Scotland can capitalise on Andy Murray’s Wimbledon triumph to improve the country’s increasingly poor health

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Album Review: Jazzateers:

Neil Cooper on a sparkling collection from the lost band of the Postcard era

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New Writing
The Divers:

A short story by Katya Apekina

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Sabbath breaker:

A poem by David Stakes

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