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All of this and nothing:

As the veteran post-punks embark on tour, Sarah Busby celebrates the seditious invention of the Furs’ early work

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Hope and despair:

The highly lauded Nell Zink is one of many US writers considering the challenges of activism today, but her work lacks one vital element, writes Sibylla Kalid

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Wild Devotion:

Jade Starmore, a photographer and textile designer from the Hebrides, creates wearable art inspired by the Scottish landscape

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are you doing all you can
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Edge Lands:

In the ‘Edgelands’ project, photographer and illustrator James Sinfield explores the hinterland between urban areas and the ‘proper’ countryside.

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Cast the first stone:

Shirley Jackson’s subversive horror story The Lottery remains as pertinent today as when it first appeared seventy years ago, writes Sibylla Kalid

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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Time out:

Richard Gere’s drama about homelessness makes compelling viewing, writes Robert Gallacher

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Still believe:

Graham Domke on why Inverleith House must be saved

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Gimme some truth:

Neil Cooper on a remarkable musical elegy to those lost in the Lockerbie tragedy

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New Fiction
Little Red Tap Shoes:

A new short story by Heather Pearson

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The coming of the Techni-Quarks:

A new poem by Stuart A. Paterson

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