This land is your land:

Photographer Keith Brame journeys across the Scottish Highlands and Islands documenting the stark beauty of the landscape and its inhabitants

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Vinyl for food banks:

Amidst a worsening poverty epidemic, we ask you to donate records to help those in need

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Fiction Podcast No. 2:

Outside In, by Shirley Gillan

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Help us publish more work, more often, by making a small donation.

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Most read this week:

Seize the day:

Brexit and the lies behind it must be fought at every corner, writes David Harding

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Write here, write now:

Perfect your story for publication

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A poem by Anna Viceconti

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The glamour chase:

Sifting through a new history of the Hollywood blacklists Kenneth Wright recalls a time of violence and treachery with unintended lessons for today’s film makers

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Sekai Machache
The Divided Self:

Artist Sekai Machache explores ideas of identity and self.

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Speed of life:

Alistair Braidwood is charmed by a book of recollections from Bowie fans and collaborators

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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Down the rabbit hole:

As the Africa in Motion Film Festival opens, Nathanael Smith celebrates the rise of African animation

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Ten Things:

Number 4: To improve children’s life chances, we must improve the lives of parents before they conceive, writes Jonathan Sher

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Just the ticket:

In the second part of his sleevenotes to the new Boots for Dancing compilation, Neil Cooper traces the band’ s roots

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New Writing
Fiction Podcast No. 1:

The Sugar Hotel. A short story by Amy Jardine

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A poem by Cara L McKee

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