The Divided Self:

Artist Sekai Machache explores ideas of identity and self.

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The calling:

A poem by Anna Viceconti

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How to trim your beard:

A new short story by Heather Pearson

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are you doing all you can
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Most read this week:

Wurl o’ Seamus:

A story by Shane Johnstone

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This Life:

Jamie Robson on how he grew from bumbling teen to film lead. Interview by Patrick Small

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Onion Rings:

By Ben Mitchell

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Come on feel the noize:

Strengthening the climate movement requires new strategy and tactics. By Tim Root

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Jola Sopek
I Sing The Body Electric:

Jola Sopek’s intimate portraits of everyday life elevate the banal into something beautiful and infinite

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Cast the first stone:

Shirley Jackson’s subversive horror story The Lottery remains as pertinent today as when it first appeared seventy years ago, writes Sibylla Kalid

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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Down the rabbit hole:

Music videos have long sought to harness the power of animation. Nathanael Smith chooses five of the best.

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Still believe:

Graham Domke on why Inverleith House must be saved

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Live review:

Pet Shop Boys, The Playhouse, Edinburgh. By Neil Cooper


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New Writing
The Divers:

A short story by Katya Apekina

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Thanks Leonard:

A poem by Laura Escuela

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