Riccardo Casadei:

I am constantly looking for that decisive moment.

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The glamour chase:

Sifting through a new history of the Hollywood blacklists Kenneth Wright recalls a time of violence and treachery with unintended lessons for today’s film makers

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The Carry Out:

A short story by Carolyn Roberts

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A poem by Fiona Ritchie Walker

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are you doing all you can
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Most read this week:

World Book Trip:

If you could only recommend one novel from your country, which would it be? Ana Iliescu salutes Mircea Cartarescu’s Orbitor, a triumph of Romanian literature

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Wurl o’ Seamus:

A story by Shane Johnstone

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Another News Story:

A moving documentary turns the camera on itself to examine the relationship between corporate media and the human tragedy on which it feeds. By Tamara Abdi

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Simply thrilled honey:

From “Falling and Laughing” to “Dilemma” Alistair Braidwood delights in the music of Edwyn Collins

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Spaces of Fiction:

Mark Osborne uses lighting techniques to create abstract images that explore space and form

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Mister Malcontent:

Bill Hicks has been derided as an anti-corporate fanatic, UFO devotee and gun fetishist. But what he would really have hated is being described as the lost saviour of stand-up, writes Allan Brown

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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Illustration by David McCue
Pretty green:

Director Anthony Baxter on the unexpected global appeal of You’ve Been Trumped

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Top Ten Club:

Jen Stout chooses her favourite 38 Degrees campaigns so far

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Louder than bombs:

Neil Cooper on the new album by Scotland’s slow core poets

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New Writing
How to trim your beard:

A new short story by Heather Pearson

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A poem by Maxine Rose Munro

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