Onion Rings:

By Ben Mitchell

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Sending love to the universe:

By Luca Serra

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The End of Alcohol:

Amy Jardine invites us into a funny and frank conversation about invisible alcoholism

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Product Mug
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Let all the flowers bloom:

Kirsti Wishart on why the platform Product provides for new writers matters, and how you can help

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Most read this week:

Money talks:

The EU should respond to the Russian threat to Ukraine by playing its strongest card – economic influence, writes Piotr Buras

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Pond master:

Audio version of a new short story by Lisa Jones

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Long story short:

Her captivating pictorial promotions champion small publishers and little known authors, and shine some light amidst contemporary gloom. Patrick Small meets writer Amy Long to discuss literary solidarity, genius cover design and why it had to be Taylor

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A poem by Dorothy Alexander

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Walter Scott’s graphic novel series Wendy
Lust for life:

Ayla Douglas on the captivating chaos of the hipster Wendy-verse

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Start making sense:

Common Weal’s Book of Ideas offers a wealth of inspiration for Holyrood policy making, writes Paddy Bort

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Coastal Aerial View by Alison McGill, Oil and wax on board
The pipeline:

A short story by Frank Rennie, inspired by Alison McGill’s painting ‘Coastal Aerial View’.

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First Love:

The movies of his childhood gave actor Jamie Robson an enduring passion for film

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Shrink the state:

Neil Cooper finds Jimmy Cauty’s  miniaturist celebration of dissent strikingly apposite

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Album Review: Jazzateers:

Neil Cooper on a sparkling collection from the lost band of the Postcard era

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New Writing
Car crash:

A short story by Graham Lironi

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Was it Shakespeare or Dorothy Parker
Was it Shakespeare or Dorothy Parker:

A poem by Ben Mitchell

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