A new poem by Aaron Sharp

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At stake:

By Ross Crawford

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Every mouth needs filling:

Lilly Markaki on why Hilton Als’s White Girls still matters

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Product Mug
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Let all the flowers bloom:

Kirsti Wishart on why the platform Product provides for new writers matters, and how you can help

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Most read this week:

Eleven eyes:

A short story by JD Allan

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Onion Rings:

By Ben Mitchell

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The One That Got Away:

A short story by Anne Leigh Parrish

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Drunk on cinema:

Alistair Braidwood enjoys getting lost in Seacrest, the fictional town of scheming cineastes in Kirsti Wishart’s latest book The Projectionist


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Brandalism Subverts Shell Campaign
Earth for sale:

A protest group use visual satire to call out the double speak of a major global oil corporation and the celebrities who endorse them

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High Times:

The creators of Britain’s first counter cultural paper talk to Neil Cooper about their new visual catalogue of the ’60s radical underground press

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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Best of EIFF:

Victor Eaves surveys the festival’s short film strand

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Stand by me:

Universal credit and in-work poverty are forcing more and more people to use food banks, writes Bethany Biggar

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Take 5:

James Metcalfe chooses his favourite records. By Hugo Fluendy

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New Writing
In Death:

A new short story by Nino Ennu

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Going to Vancouver:

A new poem by Ben Horrobin

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