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Picture this:

Hollywood still uses women as adornments, but 2019 saw a raft of believable female characters light up our screens, writes Stephanie Provan

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Tame the selfish giant:

It’s time to protect books and those who create them, writes Jean Findlay

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Mentoring for new writers:

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Taming the the Selfish Giant:

It’s time to protect books and those who create them, writes Jean Findlay

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Little Red Tap Shoes:

By Heather Pearson

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The Necessary Lie:

A new short story by Taryn McDonnell

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Keith Brame
This land is your land:

Photographer Keith Brame journeys across the Scottish Highlands and Islands documenting the stark beauty of the landscape and its inhabitants

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How soon is now?:

Two very different books on Scotland’s post-indyref options are united by a glaring omission, says Paddy Bort

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Coastal Aerial View by Alison McGill, Oil and wax on board
The pipeline:

A short story by Frank Rennie, inspired by Alison McGill’s painting ‘Coastal Aerial View’.

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A city of tears:

Patrick Small is charmed by “The Possibilities are Endless”, a new documentary about Edwyn Collins

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Ian Bell:

An appreciation of a unique and inspirational writer, by Patrick Small

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The heart will not retreat:

Neil Cooper salutes the stark beauty of Leonard Cohen’s work

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New Writing

A short story by Lisa Locascio.

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A poem by Anna Blainey, inspired by Rudyard Kipling

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