Let all the flowers bloom

Kirsti Wishart on why the platform Product provides for new writers matters, and how you can help

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Magazines like Product are vital to both writers and readers. To writers just starting out they provide the opportunity to have work published and reach an audience, adding to their writing CV. To more experienced writers, they offer the chance to experiment and create pieces that might not quite fit anywhere else. The level of careful editorial feedback Product provides lets writers know they’re in safe hands, and helps them improve their writing. For readers, they bring alive the possibility of stumbling across something new, to transport them out of themselves and into someone else’s imagined world for a few minutes. You, personally, can help sustain the encouragement and development of new writers by making a donation to Product, giving writers the opportunity to see their work in print and readers the chance to discover freshly created worlds.

Product is an independent publisher with charitable status (SCO 29793). Please donate here:



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