When Battling Rival Poets

A short story by Peter Burnett

pond master

Pond master

Audio version of a new short story by Lisa Jones

Write here, write now

A free mentoring service for new and emergent writers

The Jazz Messenger

A short story by Ken Irvine

The Lost Squadron

A short story by D.B. MacInnes

The Necessary Lie

A short story by Taryn McDonnell

Eleven eyes

A short story by JD Allan

Little Red Tap Shoes

Little Red Tap Shoes

By Heather Pearson

Caleb’s girl

By Anne Leigh Parrish


Green E142

This short story by April L Ford was inspired by Hazel Gore’s painting ‘Living Alone in Paradise’. It comes with a trigger warning for rape and sexual assault.

The Carry Out

A true story by Carolyn Roberts

Eleven Eyes

Audio version of a short story by JD Allan

How I write

By Kirsti Wishart

Fiction Podcast No. 1

The Sugar Hotel. A short story by Amy Jardine

The One That Got Away

A short story by Anne Leigh Parrish

No vacancies

Part One. By Heather Pearson

Car crash

A short story by Graham Lironi

Moon shoes

A short story by Jack Somers

Photo by Stewart Bremner

The black bough

A short story of lust and longing in the Old Town, by Lisa Locascio

the tryst

The Tryst

By Hannah Sutherland

Night on the moor

A short story by D.B. MacInnes

Wurl o’ Seamus

A story by Shane Johnstone

No vacancies

Part 2. By Heather Pearson

Velvet Engine

By Heather Pearson


Time and the gang of apples

By Anna Weltner


Fiction Podcast No. 2

Outside In, by Shirley Gillan

Outside in

A short story by Shirley Gillan


By Ronnie McCluskey

In the water

By Emma Grace Brankin

Making the case for the retention of chickens

A short story by MD Hamilton

The Clamour

The Clamour

A short story by Kirsti Wishart

Reading by Amy Jardine

Amy Jardine will read her work this Thursday in Edinburgh

I invited him

A magnificently dark tale of obsession. By Vhairi Slaven

Catfish Pond

A new short story by JT Farrell

Photo by Stewart Bremner

The end of the habitable world

A short story by Tracey Emerson

Johnny Cash’s stepdaughter gave me a kiss

A new short story by Naomi Richards

Platonic Dialogue

A story by Teo Rivera-Dundas

The Old Man

A new short story by Nino Ennu

In Death

A new short story by Nino Ennu

The Divers

A short story by Katya Apekina

Coastal Aerial View by Alison McGill, Oil and wax on board

The pipeline

A short story by Frank Rennie, inspired by Alison McGill’s painting ‘Coastal Aerial View’.