Grey sand

By Edina Kikic


By Hubbiah Rafaqat

Fish out of water

By Amaia Claire Martinez

The Necessary Lie

A short story by Taryn McDonnell


Green E142

This short story by April L Ford was inspired by Hazel Gore’s painting ‘Living Alone in Paradise’. It comes with a trigger warning for rape and sexual assault.

That famous photograph

A short story by Euan Currie

The One That Got Away

A short story by Anne Leigh Parrish


Time and the gang of apples

By Anna Weltner

No vacancies

Part 2. By Heather Pearson

At stake

By Ross Crawford

Caleb’s girl

By Anne Leigh Parrish


Legoland Budapest

A short story by Scott Fleming 

Eleven eyes

A short story by JD Allan

The gift

By Wayne Connolly

Wurl o’ Seamus

A story by Shane Johnstone

pond master

Pond master

Audio version of a new short story by Lisa Jones

The Carry Out

A true story by Carolyn Roberts

Fiction Podcast No. 1

The Sugar Hotel. A short story by Amy Jardine

Mother land

A short story by Anne Leigh Parrish

When Battling Rival Poets

A short story by Peter Burnett

Write here, write now

A free mentoring service for new and emergent writers

The Jazz Messenger

A short story by Ken Irvine

The Lost Squadron

A short story by D.B. MacInnes

Little Red Tap Shoes

Little Red Tap Shoes

By Heather Pearson

How I write

By Kirsti Wishart

No vacancies

Part One. By Heather Pearson

Car crash

A short story by Graham Lironi

Moon shoes

A short story by Jack Somers

Photo by Stewart Bremner

The black bough

A short story of lust and longing in the Old Town, by Lisa Locascio

Eleven Eyes

Audio version of a short story by JD Allan

the tryst

The Tryst

By Hannah Sutherland

Night on the moor

A short story by D.B. MacInnes

Velvet Engine

By Heather Pearson


Fiction Podcast No. 2

Outside In, by Shirley Gillan

Outside in

A short story by Shirley Gillan


By Ronnie McCluskey

In the water

By Emma Grace Brankin

Making the case for the retention of chickens

A short story by MD Hamilton

The Clamour

The Clamour

A short story by Kirsti Wishart

Reading by Amy Jardine

Amy Jardine will read her work this Thursday in Edinburgh

I invited him

A magnificently dark tale of obsession. By Vhairi Slaven

Catfish Pond

A new short story by JT Farrell

Photo by Stewart Bremner

The end of the habitable world

A short story by Tracey Emerson

Johnny Cash’s stepdaughter gave me a kiss

A new short story by Naomi Richards

Platonic Dialogue

A story by Teo Rivera-Dundas

The Old Man

A new short story by Nino Ennu

In Death

A new short story by Nino Ennu

The Divers

A short story by Katya Apekina

Coastal Aerial View by Alison McGill, Oil and wax on board

The pipeline

A short story by Frank Rennie, inspired by Alison McGill’s painting ‘Coastal Aerial View’.