Fiction Podcast No. 1

The Sugar Hotel. A short story by Amy Jardine

March 17, 2018

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This recording of Amy Jardine’s beautiful, beguiling short story The Sugar Hotel is the first in a series of new fiction podcasts from Product. Both lucid and opaque, the story darts and flits, evading definition. It could be a dark tale of descent into addiction, a treatise on the destructive nature of desire, or just a trippy, excess-fuelled dream. The devil is there: dashing, handsome, in animal form. There’s a hotel, sort of, where myriad illicit liaisons have taken place, and a lounge full of carousing cadavers. There’s blood, broken glass, and a clear voice that most of us recognise: a voice which knows very well what consequences follow actions but can’t quite resist the sheer deliciousness of the actions. Whether dream, nightmare or stark admonishment, this is compelling story telling at its best. The Sugar Hotel was read by Sarah MacGillivray, and produced by Angus McPake and Patrick Small in Edinburgh. Many thanks to Amy Jardine for permission to record the story – – and author Lisa Locascio, who selected and then developed the text for publication as part of the first Product New Writers’ Mentoring Programme in 2015.




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