a mirror made of rain

Long story short

Her captivating pictorial promotions champion small publishers and little known authors, and shine some light amidst contemporary gloom. Patrick Small meets writer Amy Long to discuss literary solidarity, genius cover design and why it had to be Taylor

Little Big Stuff

Little Big Stuff

Chris Dooks has created a hypnotic fusion of sonic art and photography

Lydia Tsiouva

True colours

Lydia Tsiouva captures simple moments of beauty in everyday life

riccardo casadei metro

Riccardo Casadei

I am constantly looking for that decisive moment.

damian shields

Damian Shields

“Scotland is a visually rich repository of endless possibility.” – Damian Shields

Into the trees

Daniel White fuses photography and digital techniques to explore the lives of our forests

Reflective Landscape Tet Speirs

Reflective Landscapes

Artist Tet Speirs photographs sunsets through glass to stunning effect.

Walter Scott’s graphic novel series Wendy

Lust for life

Ayla Douglas on the captivating chaos of the hipster Wendy-verse

Ruth Orkin

Street life

A new collection of photographs by Ruth Orkin celebrates one of the most perceptive chroniclers of the post war era

Jannica Honey

Jannica Honey

Mighty pleased that the brilliant Jannica Honey takes over our Instagram today. Join us on www.instagram.com/product_mag

shadow of spheres

Shadow of Spheres

Photographer Yaz Norris explores the world of light and shadow.

Lost Ghosts

Janeanne Gilchrist journeys into the deep with ethereal, otherworldly images captured beneath the waves

Renegade princess

2020 Vision

Send us your pictures which capture the essence of the last 12 months

free floating

Free, floating

Glasgow-based artist and filmmaker Rachel Nolan uses photography to abstract the mundane.

Megan Kennedy Wind Drawing

Wild is the wind

Megan Kennedy’s immersive drawings capture the hypnotic power of nature

Brandalism Subverts Shell Campaign

Earth for sale

A protest group use visual satire to call out the double speak of a major global oil corporation and the celebrities who endorse them

Wild Devotion

Jade Starmore, a photographer and textile designer from the Hebrides, creates wearable art inspired by the Scottish landscape

Sekai Machache

The Divided Self

Artist Sekai Machache explores ideas of identity and self.

Dance away

Jannica Honey met strippers on their way to and from work in their dressing room

Jola Sopek

I Sing The Body Electric

Jola Sopek’s intimate portraits of everyday life elevate the banal into something beautiful and infinite

Mother Father

Artist Lucie Rachel discusses identity, intimacy, respect and the creation of her remarkable work detailing the arc of her parents’ relationship

Saturated in Sight and Sound

As the late and much-loved Katy Dove’s work is celebrated in a major exhibition, Neil Cooper talks to Graham Domke and Anne Marie Copestake about this most playful and visionary of artists


Rory Cavanagh goes behind the scenes at one of the new Wonders of the World

Yunnan Matriarchy

Documentary photographer Mariusz Bogacki explores the role of women in the Yunnan province of China

Keith Brame

This land is your land

Photographer Keith Brame journeys across the Scottish Highlands and Islands documenting the stark beauty of the landscape and its inhabitants

Spaces of Fiction

Mark Osborne uses lighting techniques to create abstract images that explore space and form

Picture this

Artist Calum Colvin on creative invention, what to say to painters when they pick on you, and how to glue a tortoise to an ironing board

Low rider

Gregor Schmatz takes us on a road trip through Sweden’s love affair with the American car

Glen and Wanda Weaver

The Quiet in the Land

Photographer Jane Flynn provides a fascinating insight into the lives of the Mennonites of Southern Illinois

Falling shadows

Artist Philip Braham discusses his photographic series which recalls an old master and looks at where photography as a medium is heading

The Energy Project

Elena Kollatou explores the social and environmental impact of large scale coal mining across Europe.

Tales of the Hidden People

Photographer Christina Kernohan travelled to Mongolia and discovered a land of wild beauty and stark contrasts

Night Hawking

Daniel White constructs sculptures in the landscape to cast light on the dark practice of night hawking

Winter Wonderland

Photographer Robyn Braham looks back over her time in a Canadian mountain town.

Keep On Keepin’ On

Thirty years on from the miners’ strike, photographer James Parker documents Yorkshire’s last remaining coal mines

Braw lassies, honest lads

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert documents the old tradition of the Common Riding festivals in the Scottish Borders.

The Bings

Photographer Jack Luke records the way in which bings, once little more than a dumping ground for industry, have been reclaimed by nature and the community.

Women at War

A powerful insight into the lives of women engaged in conflict, organised by Beyond Borders Scotland.

Here Comes Everybody

A strangely beguiling collection by kennardphillipps, aka London artists Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps.

Edge Lands

In the ‘Edgelands’ project, photographer and illustrator James Sinfield explores the hinterland between urban areas and the ‘proper’ countryside.

The Acrobat by Kevin Low

Kevin Low

“My work is narrative and biographical, exploring the world of small Angus towns and the fields of high grass and weeds that surround them. This is where I grew up and where I return to time and time again to resurrect or remodel lost moments.” – Kevin Low

Kirsty Whiten

Kirsty Whiten has been making distinctive warped paintings and drawings for ten years, earning her a year’s residency in Paris, and exhibitions from Den Haag to Melbourne. Her monkey relics and other twisted drawings have appeared in magazines and on blogs around the world.



Emilie Anderson

Emilie Anderson is a Glasgow-based artist

Eileen Budd

Eileen Budd is an an artist, scuba diver and surfer based in Edinburgh.

Bryan M Ferguson

Bryan M Ferguson is a photographer and filmmaker based in Glasgow.