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Sing choirs of angels:

Communal singing is uplifting and radical, veteran post punk Boff Whalley tells Neil Cooper

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By Ronnie McCluskey

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Blind vision:

Is HyperNormalisation journalism or entertainment? Sibylla Kalid sifts through the arguments

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Wild Devotion:

Jade Starmore, a photographer and textile designer from the Hebrides, creates wearable art inspired by the Scottish landscape

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Cabinet of wonders:

 A spellbinding collection of short stories is Naomi Richards’ Book of the Year

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Green E142:

This short story by April L Ford was inspired by Hazel Gore’s painting ‘Living Alone in Paradise’. It comes with a trigger warning for rape and sexual assault.

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Sheila take a bow:

Aidan Moffat’s foray into traditional music began mischievously but ended up being very moving, writes Alistair Braidwood

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Photo by David Gallagher
Valentine’s day is over:

Is love past its sell-by date? Hannah McGill (part one) thinks she’s better off without it, while Paul McLean (part two) skips through a buttercup meadow hand in hand wi’ his gie bonnie lass.

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Here come the men in pants:

Neil Cooper on the return of the lustrous Special Love

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New Fiction
When Battling Rival Poets:

A short story by Peter Burnett

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A poem by Maxine Rose Munro

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