Spaces of Fiction:

Mark Osborne uses lighting techniques to create abstract images that explore space and form

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Cast the first stone:

Shirley Jackson’s subversive horror story The Lottery remains as pertinent today as when it first appeared seventy years ago, writes Sibylla Kalid

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Call for submissions:

We publish original art and invite writers to submit stories inspired by the work

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A city of tears:

Patrick Small is charmed by “The Possibilities are Endless”, a new documentary about Edwyn Collins

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Dinner with my No voting friends:

For years, Scots reacted to right wing Westminster policies by saying: “I didn’t vote for that.” If they win on Thursday, No voters won’t have that luxury, writes Peter Arnott.

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Let them in:

Martin Creed’s succinct protest songs bely a hefty emotional power, writes Neil Cooper

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New Fiction
How to trim your beard:

A new short story by Heather Pearson

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The Sheets:

A poem by Cara L McKee

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