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Damian Shields:

“Scotland is a visually rich repository of endless possibility. From stream to shore, from mountain peak to forest floor, the seasonally shifting palette of colours reflect a nations character. From the curving hills of the lush borders to the masculine ridges of the mighty highland runs a rich vein of pictorial gold.” – Damian Shields

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Cast the first stone:

Shirley Jackson’s subversive horror story The Lottery remains as pertinent today as when it first appeared seventy years ago, writes Sibylla Kalid

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I invited him:

A magnificently dark tale of obsession. By Vhairi Slaven

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I Sing The Body Electric:

Jola Sopek’s intimate portraits of everyday life elevate the banal into something beautiful and infinite

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World book trip:

Which novel would you recommend to someone who had never read a word written in your country? The first stop on our tour is Scotland, where Alan Warner highlights James Kelman’s astonishing Kieron Smith, boy

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Green E142:

This short story by April L Ford was inspired by Hazel Gore’s painting ‘Living Alone in Paradise’. It comes with a trigger warning for rape and sexual assault.

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Top Ten Club:

Allan Hunter salutes Ingrid Bergman’s greatest movie performances.

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Eyes wide open:

The Greeks’ No vote contains lessons for us all, writes Cat Boyd

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Billy Wilder:

Arch,camp and supremely talented, Billy Mackenzie would have been sixty this week. Graham Domke celebrates Scotland’s Scott Walker

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New Fiction
The Sugar Hotel:

A new short story by Amy Jardine

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By Stuart A. Paterson

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