Shadow of Spheres:

Photographer Yaz Norris explores the world of light and shadow.

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The boy done good:

As Billy Bragg releases a new book of lyrics Alistair Braidwood assesses the career of Britain’s finest political songwriter

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Green E142:

This short story by April L Ford was inspired by Hazel Gore’s painting ‘Living Alone in Paradise’. It comes with a trigger warning for rape and sexual assault.

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Nocturnal animals:

Tom Ford’s compelling, stylish neo-noir expertly examines memory and revenge, writes Robert Gallacher

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Beast of all saints:

It’s time for a new patron saint of Scotland, a fearless champion who could see off the doomsters and austerity bullies. Ron Ferguson knows the very man.

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Lost in music:

Daniel Patrick Quinn’ s return is full of brilliant quixotic invention, writes Neil Cooper

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New Fiction
Coastal Aerial View by Alison McGill, Oil and wax on board
The pipeline:

A short story by Frank Rennie, inspired by Alison McGill’s painting ‘Coastal Aerial View’.

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How to make friends:

A poem by Maxine Rose Munro

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