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Scotland has a richly diverse and inventive musical history from Lonnie Donegan to Young Fathers. Test your Scottish pop knowledge in our quiz

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Scotland's finest: The Revillos

Answers below.

  1. Which Scottish label released the first Human League single?
  2. The director of the 2015 movie Slow West was in which Fife band?
  3. Who do Belle and Sebastian take their name from?
  4. Where was Lulu born?
  5. Which singer earned his first live performance payment supporting an early incarnation of The Beatles at Alloa Town Hall in 1960?
  6. Who is Dumfries native Adam Richard Wiles?
  7. With which US film actress did the Bay City Rollers sing Saturday Night with on Irish TV?
  8. Who was JAMC’s original drummer?
  9. Which chart-topping band from Glasgow’s east end were originally known as the Gaylords?
  10. What was Annie Lennox’s group before Eurythmics?
  11. Sheena Easton and Teenage Fanclub hail from which Lanarkshire town?
  12. Which Two Ronnies regular was born in Dunfermline on September 27, 1947?
  13. Silly Wizard wrote the theme tune for which popular TV soap?
  14. Name 2 hits by the Revillos/Rezillos.
  15. Greenock’s John McGeoch played guitar for a succession of experimental bands in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Name three.
  16. While we’re on experimental, where did The Incredible String Band get their name?
  17. Where was Talking Heads’ David Byrne born?
  18. What connection does Rod Stewart have with Scotland?
  19. Which Scottish city is name-checked in an Abba number one?
  20. Who was Franz Ferdinand?
  21. Before the Rollers had a global hit with it in 1975, who performed the original version of Bye Bye Baby?
  22. Which Scottish singer got his big break at a live Radio Clyde event in 2003?
  23. What connects Orange Juice, Josef K and Aztec Camera?
  24. Which musician inspired the title track to John Martyn’s Solid Air album?
  25. Which Tim Buckley song did This Mortal Coil make their own in 1984?
  26. What connects Forfar, Kirriemuir and Fremantle in Western Australia?
  27. Which duo won a record contract by covering David Bowie’s Boys Keep Swinging without copyright permission?
  28. What Fife village do the Proclaimers come from?
  29. Which English chart toppers were managed by The Poets manager?
  30. In what year did Hue and Cry have a hit with Labour of Love?
  31. Which Glasgow band found an international fanbase when they posted a song on New York’s in  Neon Gold Records in 2012?

Answers – 1. Fast Product 2. Beta Band 3. From the 1960s children’s TV series based on the novel Belle et Sebastien by Cecile Aubry  4. Lennoxtown. 5. Alex Harvey 6. Calvin Harris 7.  8. Bobby Gillespie 9. Marmalade 10. The Tourists 11. Bellshill 12. Barbara Dickson 13. Take the High Road 14. Top of the Pops, Destination Venus 15. Siouxsie and the Banshees, Magazine, PIL 16. After their local Edinburgh haunt  the Incredible String Café 17. Dumbarton 18. His dad was Scottish. 19. Glasgow (Super Trouper) 20. Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated in 1914, triggering events that led to the outbreak of WW1.  21. The Four Seasons 22. Paolo Nutini 23. Early releases on Postcard Records 24. Nick Drake 25. Song to the Siren 26. Bon Scott was born in Forfar and subsequently lived in the others. 27. The Associates 28. Auchermuchty 29. Rolling Stones 30. 1987 31. Chvrches




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