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Product is an independent arts and culture magazine which showcases innovative work by new writers and artists from Scotland and beyond. We also publish original, compelling coverage of music, film, and art. We promote, investigate and throw light on ideas and stories often ignored by mainstream media.

The magazine is a Scottish charity run on a voluntary basis. Writers, contributors, designers and editors give freely of their time and skills to produce the magazine. This November, we will publish a 64 page print version of Product. Please consider becoming a subscriber at an introductory price of only 25 GBP. For this you will receive one copy of the magazine delivered direct to your door and free entrance to two of our literary showcase events held between November 2018 and November 2019. This special offer is only available until June 30.

* Yes! I want to become a subscriber to Product and receive the magnificent, annual bumper print version of the magazine, plus free entry to 2 showcase events, for £25 GBP
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